I'm in the 3rd stage of entrepreneurial development of my 7th company, inventing a revolutionary cross-industry expert system (its first incarnation will focus upon the real estate industry nationwide). We are soliciting diverse investors...

I recently consulted through Accenture, as Lead GIS contributor of large-scale nationwide GIS system for top-tier wireless client. I presently consult at Verizon, as a GIS expert. Tech stack: Kinetica, AWS, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Python. 

I was a VP at a NYC-based investment bank, managing global software development teams within the Financial Services industry. Prior to that, I was Lead Consultant at Capgemini, leading similar work in C#/.NET, SQL Server and Oracle.

I managed GIS-based student enrollment and software development projects, for Montana's largest school district.

I taught FastTrac entrepreneurial classes for the SBA.

I was an airline pilot, later directing two departments, for Big Sky Airlines. I'm a Realtor® and PSA®.

I built a public software corporation, in Dallas, Texas.